C-Hole Vid

Man it’s been soooooooo goooooood here for the last few days….. I know you guys are fiend-ing for updates, and I’ve got a lot of good stuff, but I’m sooooo frickin’ busy at the moment… So you’ll have to settle for a little video of Anne, Mikey Z, Ken K and I, filmed with a GoPro Wide angle (watch out! You’ve gotta get close to catch the action!!). This was from a sunset sesh a few days ago. I don’t even remember when, because it’s been SW and Crankin’ for the last 2 weeks straight… It’s just been unbelievably windy here on Hatteras this spring…. ahhhhhhh…….

Sunset Sesh at the Hole from Andy McKinney on Vimeo.

By the way- Anne’s been killing it… She’s on a 3.7 and 75 liter RRD in the vid… Duck jibing like a champ!! Actually, everyone has been killing it out there… I’ve got sooo many success stories for you guys… just have to find time to write ‘em…

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