Danny’s surf, Day 1

So I had a little accident last night… I took a hit from the rail of my surfboard, right on the forehead… It was just enough force to pop open a little gash, about 1″ long, very shallow, but kinda wide… And if any of you have ever gotten a cut on the forehead, you’ll know just how dramatic it can look… Well, I felt fine, but the faces of Drew, Stuart, and Daniel proved that I looked pretty dang far from fine! hahaha! Drew took a picture or two, maybe I’ll post ’em up, maybe I won’t… They’re kinda gruesome looking… Luckily, no signs of brain damage yet… Good thing I’ve got a big thick Irish skull!

So anyway, I’m on dry dock for a few days while it starts to heal… Which is very challenging, because the surf is just gorgeous right now… I stopped by the beach while running a few errands this morning to shoot a few pictures of Drew and Laura. Pure torture to sit on the beach… But hey, being the designated photographer is fine by me, I like getting the pics just as much as riding the waves! Enjoy!

Drew, lining it up…

…and tucking in (yup, he made it)

Nice bottom turn, Drew!

Glassy, walled up, peeling… What more could you ask for??

That’s one way to get out the back!

There were a few lefts coming through

Awwww, man!!

he he he he…

Better look where you wanna go, Dewski!

Laura, kicking out

You know it’s good when no-one even bothers to paddle for a peak like this!

So, yeah, I’m a bit jealous, but it’s all good. I needed a rest anyway, as it’s been non-stop for a week or two now! And you should have seen how fast Kevin took off when I told him I’d watch the shop if he wanted to go surf! Haha, I think his shoes were on fire!

All eyes are on Danny now… Looks like he’ll stay offshore and shoot the gap between Bermuda and here, just like Bill, but some of the models have him coming a little close…