Monthly Archives: January 2010

Lost In Hatteras, Found

Hi folks. Welcome to the new home of my blog, Lost In Hatteras. If you’re not a regular follower, let me get you up to date. My name is Andy. I live in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. It’s really windy here, and when it’s not windy, the surf is usually firing. Therefore, my friends and […]


A short helmet cam video, and (Road) Surfing

Hi-  I’ve been slacking on the vids lately.  So, first things first, here is a short helmet cam clip from Thursday’s freestyle sesh: Freestyle Windsurfing, POV from Andy McKinney on Vimeo. Visualizing is pretty important if you’re trying to progress in windsurfing, so I guess the helmet cam is pretty good for that.  But in […]

2 Different Days, 2 Different Swells

Winter in Hatteras can just be so unbelievable!  Feast or famine…  After a total letdown for wind over the weekend, Momma Nature made up for it with two incredible back to back swells, warm(er) temps, and sunshine!  Monday saw a bombing south swell hitting the Frisco and Hatteras beaches, with perfect, light offshore winds.  Man, […]

No Wind, Teeny Tiny Waves, BUT LOTS OF…..

…… FISH!!!!  Black Fin Tuna, Puppy Drum, Stripers… We have been eating like Kings lately!  Stuart lucked out with a place on a boat the other day, and took a trip to the Gulf Stream.  He sent me a bunch of cool pictures- Check ‘em out: It gets all foggy out at the Gulf Stream […]