New Aeron Windsurfing Booms Have Arrived!!

Aeron Booms have been available in Europe for quite some time, but have just recently been opened up to the US marketplace.  Their aluminum booms are a great product at a very competitive price, starting at just $209.  All of the booms that I have in stock (The MCT and the V-Grip) feature a monocoque front end, which means that the boom arm tubing is one continuous piece from one adjustment collar, all the way around, through the front end, and back to the other adjustment collar.  This provides a very strong, stiff boom because there are fewer joints to flex and potentially fail.

Grip diameters on the MCT start at a teeny tiny 26mm for lightweights or people with small hands, but most average size people will be totally pleased with the already small 29mm booms.  MCT sizes range from:

  • 140-190cm, 26 or 29mm grip, $209
  • 150-200cm, 26 or 29mm grip, $219
  • 175-225cm, 29mm grip, $229
  • 190-240cm, 29mm grip, $239
Pile O' Booms!

Pile O' Booms!!

MCT Front End, includes RDM shim!

Nice Curves!

Nice Graphics and Adjustment System

I also received one Aeron V-Grip in this shipment.  They are tough to get!  The V-Grip is totally new animal, and it looks pretty sweet!  The boom arms have a pretty cool V shape to them that provides extra stiffness and a really nice feel in the hands.  They’re a touch heavier than the standard construction, but the extra stiffness and cool feel probably makes up for the weight.  The shape doesn’t really show up in pictures very well, but here’s a cool cross section view:

Give me a shout or email if you want me to put your name on any of these booms!  I can ship straight to you, or hold one for pickup at the shop.  My contact info is in the little blue box to the right.