Black Friday Sale and the Approaching Gift Certificate Giveaway!

“Black Friday” is right around the corner, folks!  I’d suggest having a heaping helping of turkey on Thursday, then jumping in the car and heading to Hatteras.  Looks like we’re due for some weather, so there’s no better time to come check out some of our End of Season Deals at the shop, then hit the water and get some sailing in!  Check out the forecast:

Forecast taken from

We’ll be slashing prices on some sweet gear on Friday- If you can’t make it to the beach, feel free to give us a call or shoot us an email and we’ll do our best to help you out.

You should be very excited if you’re in the market for a new sail from Naish, Gaastra, World Sails, or Sailworks.

Same thing goes if you’re checking out the RRD and Tabou windsurfing boards.

Not to mention our remaining SUP selection from RRD, Naish, Starboard, NSP, 7S, and Boardworks…

And don’t forget our Skateboards from Arbor, Sector Nine, Gravity, Element, Enjoi, Girl, and many many more!

And one last note- It’s almost time to hold a drawing for a $25 Wind-NC Gift Certificate!  You still have time to enter- all you have to do is send in a short review of some gear you bought at Wind-NC, or a note on your experience as a Wind-NC customer- good or bad!  Check out some examples, and then the details of the deal at the bottom of this page: