2015 American Windsurfing Tour Wind-NC Hatteras Wave Jam

2015 Hatteras Poster 11x17 v2

The 2015 American Windsurfing Tour Wind-NC Hatteras Wave Jam scored with a week long stretch of NE winds and building swell.  Most of the contest was run on the southside down in Hatteras Village, at Ramp 55.  Conditions were strong side offshore wind with chest to overhead peeling waves.  The Pro contest was run at the Lighthouse in Buxton with strong side onshore wind and waves in the head to logo high range.

Check out the event video:

Cape Hatteras Wave Jam goes off with Epic Conditions. from American Windsurfing Tour on Vimeo.

Big Thanks to all of the Staff, Volunteers and Sponsors who helped the event come together!  Check out more contest coverage at the American Windsurfing Tour and their Facebook page!

All of the following photos are by Si Crowther.  He has an amazing collection of images available for sale on his website:  http://www.surfprints.co.uk/



Everyone was arriving in town with moderate winds and blue skies.  Registration party was held at Wind-NC with live music, food, beverage, and Randy Kerr’s Birthday Cake!
Hatteras_Boardwalkhatteras-dune-line-beach hatteras-sand-wind hatteras-sea-oatsregistration-party registration-music Opening_Party boujmaa-party awt-2015-wind-nc-group

Monday- Ramp 55:

We spent the first official day of competition on hold down at Ramp 55.  There were fun conditions, but it wasn’t consistent enough to run a fair contest, so everyone got some good “warm up” sailing in.
55-beach-scene-rain 55-sail-scene Andy_McKinney AWT-55-Meeting awt-event-tee-shirt Boujmaa-goiter-55 Boujmaa-surf Jackson-Walk Kevin-Pritchard-shorebreak Max-Shettewi-Air Ramp_55_scene

Tuesday Morning- Ramp 55:

The second day of competition ended up being action packed!  We saw strong NE winds and good size swell, and started the Amateur bracket down at Ramp 55.  Conditions were classic side off down the line port tack sailing in chest to head high swell.  We were able to run through the first two rounds of competition before the tide got too high and the waves fizzled out.
boujmaa-55-aerial-windsurf boujmaa-55-aerial Boujmaa-Ramp-55 Morgan_Noireaux_Aerial morgan-noireaux-55-aerial ramp-55-scene-windsurf Jake-Shettewi-55-bottom Mike-Wazenski-55-bottom Mike-Waznewski-55 Morgan-Noireaux-55 Will-Flannery-55Keith-McCulloch-55

Tuesday Afternoon- Lighthouse:

Once the tide got too high at Ramp 55, we decided to move the competition up to the Lighthouse in Buxton and run the Pros.  Conditions were challenging with large waves, side onshore wind, and tons of current.  Classic Lighthouse conditions!  Read a great write up about the Pro Heats here!
cape-hatteras-lighthouse-sea-oats russ-faurot-lighthouse-pit russ-faurot-hatteras-lighthouse-barrel Morgan-noireaux-lip-air-lighthouse Morgan-noireaux-lighthouse-top-turn morgan-lighthouse-wall morgan-lighthouse-turn morgan-bottom-turn-lighthouse Morgan_Noireaux_Lighthouse_Lip Morgan_Noireaux_Lighthouse_Carve lighthouse-scene kevin-pritchard-lighthouse-backloop kevin-pritchard-backside-air-lighthouse kevin-pritchard-air-lighthouse Kevin_Pritchard_Top_Turn_Lighthouse Kevin_Pritchard_Big_Backloop_Lighthouse Keith-McCulloch-lighthouse Casey_Treichler_Lighthouse Boujmaa-lighthouse boujmaa-lighthouse-bottom-turn boujmaa-guilloul-hatteras-lighthouse-wave Boujmaa-goiter boujmaa-forward-loop boujmaa-crowd-windsurf-lighthouse Boujmaa-bottom-turn boujmaa-backloop-lighthouse Boujmaa_TableTop Boujmaa_Rough_Seas Boujmaa_Lip_Lighthouse bill-bell-beach awt-lighthouse-crew AWT_Pro_Winners Kevin_Pritchard_Hatteras_Lighthouse kevin-pritchard-champ hatteras-sunset

Wednesday- Ramp 55:

We started bright and early down at Ramp 55 and finished the Amateur, Masters, Grand Masters, Women, and Youth Fleets in great conditions- side off winds and clean waves in the waist to over head range.
Bill-Bell-55-bottom Bill-Bell-55 Bill-Bell-Aerial-55 Bill-Bell Carl-Spiess-Mug Carl-Spiess-Wave-55 carl-spiess-wave Casey-treichler-ramp-55 Donny_Bowers_Crash Donny-Bowers-Top-Turn Ferdinando-55 ferdinando-loffreda-ramp55-turn Fishcamp-lip Jake-shettewi-55-aerial Jake-Shettewi-55 Max-Shettewi-55-air Max-Shettewi-55 Mike-Wazenski-55 Randy-Kerr-Launch Ruben-Lemmens-55 Sam-Bittner-55 Scott-Shoemaker-55 wind-nc-sticker Z-AWT-Crew-55

Awards Ceremony:

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!  Congrats to all of the participants!  It was a really fun week with great conditions almost everyday.  We’re already looking forward to next year!
awt-amateur-winners AWT-grand-masters-winners AWT-masters-winners awt-pro-winners-party AWT-Women McKinney_Family

Again, all of the photos are by Si Crowther.  He has an amazing collection of images available for sale on his website:  http://www.surfprints.co.uk/

Thanks again to all of the Staff, Volunteers, and Sponsors of the Event, and Thanks to all of the participants for coming!  We’re already looking forward to next year’s event!

2015 Hatteras Poster 11x17 v2