Starboard Inflatable WindSUPs- Details!

Small car owners, city dwellers, boaters, and frequent travelers rejoice! Gone are the days where roof racks, truck beds, and excess baggage charges were unavoidable when traveling with a paddle board.

You can throw an inflatable paddle board in your sedan’s trunk with room to spare for friends, family, and a cooler. Flying? Boating? No problemo. When you’ve got an entire board and paddle in your backpack, you’re good to go.

And don’t worry, you won’t be breaking your back. Not only are these boards extremely convenient, but they are also super lightweight. If you don’t feel like carrying it, there are wheels and a handle attached to the bag, too. When you’ve arrived at your destination, simply take the board out of the bag, unroll, and get pumping. The included two stage pump (which also nests in the bag) has a pressure gauge built in so that you know when you get to that sweet spot of between 15 and 18 psi.

These inflatable SUPs are used pretty much anywhere there’s water: lakes, bays, rivers, and even in the surf. As an added bonus, you can WINDSURF on many of the models that we carry. They are perfect for light to moderate wind conditions (0-20 knots).

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Features include:

  • Strong double layer PVC laminates for maximum strength on the deck and bottom.
  • Visible double rail band with extra thick PVC Outer Rail Band for maximum protection.
  • Biaxial dropstitch for strength and stiffness.

Added Features:

  • Zen is over 2 kg lighter than similar sized boards in the market.
  • Neoprene paddle holder and carry strap on the tail.
  • Quality padded neoprene handle.
  • Integrated tow ring in the valve area and bottom of the nose.
  • EVA deck pad for easy grip.

Fin box:

  • Flexible permanent side fins for tracking and safety on some models.
  • Universal US Center Fin Box.
  • Short length fin box for easy board roll up.
  • Supplied with black injected moulded fins.

Board Sizes:

(Zen Collection)

  • 10′ x 35″
  • 10’5 x 32″
  • 11’2″ x 32″
  • 11’6 x 30″ (touring shape)
  • 12’6 x 31″ (touring shape)

*Like any other construction, it is best to store an inflatable board in a cool, dry place. It is also a good idea to check the air pressure before each use.*

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