About Us

Happy Memories! Our previous storefront in Cape Hatteras, NC:

2016 Wind-NC Shop Board Room Border Small


We’ve Moved!

We no longer have a physical store in Avon, NC, however, our online store remains under full operation, and we are still shipping windsurfing equipment world wide on a daily basis!


Where is Wind-NC Now?

We have moved up north, and are now located on the Vermont side of Lake Champlain, in the greater Burlington area.  Your best bet for finding us is online or on the phones- we do not have a physical location anymore.


About Wind-NC and its owners:

Wind-NC was located on Cape Hatteras from 2010 until 2016.  During that time, we outfitted thousands upon thousands of people with windsurfing and standup paddle boarding equipment, lessons, and rentals.  It was a fantastic experience, and we hold nothing but great memories and massive gratitude to all of our customers.  But, times change, and as our family needs evolved, we realized that it was time to move north, get closer to extended family, and live a less isolated lifestyle…  Suburbia, the internet, and warehousing to the rescue!

We’ve done a complete 180: We moved to a well populated semi-urban area (the opposite of Hatteras), and we will now be utilizing our website, email, and phones to service your windsurfing equipment needs (the opposite of our face to face brick and mortar store’s roots).  We hope that you will continue to shop with us, despite the change in our operations.


IMG_6523Who You’re Shopping From: Wind-NC is staffed by some of the most stoked, cheerful, friendly, and knowledgeable folks in the windsurfing business. If you buy from Wind-NC, you’re supporting the people responsible for events like OBX WindFest, OBX Paddle Palooza, and the American Windsurfing Tour Hatteras Wave Jam, as well as original web and print content like the Lost In Hatteras Windsurfing Blog, and frequent contributions to Windsurfing Now Magazine, Windsurfing Magazine, Windsport Magazine, The New England Windsurfing Journal, and Windsurfer International.


What You’ll Find: Wind-NC still carries all of the latest windsurfing gear from the top brands in the business, including Goya, Quatro, RRD, Tabou, Starboard, Naish, Sailworks, Gaastra, Worldsails, Goya Sails, S2 Maui, Chinook, NoLimitz, MFC, Makani, Black Project Fins, Dakine, Streamlined, and more…  Can’t find what you’re looking for on our website?  Call or email us, we’re happy to help!


The Bottom Line: Call or email us if you have any questions about the gear or availability!