Lost In Hatteras

I hate to say it, but I think today’s 20 minute sunset session completely and utterly trumped yesterday’s all day long 3.7 warm sunny blowout.  Let’s go through a checklist to try to quantify. Was It: Windier?  No, not even close.  The winds hovered right around 20 knots this evening. Wavier?  No, it was flat […]


***Update:  Dale sent in a few more pics!!  (Thurs, 9:30am) *** Wow, it has just been howling out here on Hatteras Island!  I was smart enough to grab Anne’s 3.7 today, and I’m glad I did because I ended up using it pretty much all day long.  George, Jim K, Dale, Donny, Mark S, Freddy, […]

Windy Wednesday

There is a forum thread on iWindsurf.com where Spennie recommends jibing with both feet out of the footstraps.  That is certainly an unconventional approach, but I know a few people who jibe this way.  I figured that I’d give it a try, and recorded the sesh for posterity and a few laughs at the inevitable […]

No Strap Jibes

It ended up blowing 4.7 all afternoon Thursday, so I spent a lot of time tuning up the 2010 Surge.  This sail is like a chameleon on the water depending on down and out haul combinations!  If anyone is looking for help getting a certain feel out of their World Sail please shoot me an […]

Cove Video!

Something weird happened today.  I was blown off of my 4.2.  I couldn’t hang on, I could barely waterstart.  Bottom turns were manageable, but top turns were out of the question, unless you went one handed and flagged the sail.  Very weird, indeed.  My suspicions were confirmed upon checking the meters:  Frisco Pier was reading […]

So Windy!!

Thank goodness for iWindsurf.com!!  Today was one of those weird days where it blew 25-35 mph all day in Frisco, but barely touched 20 in the gusts for much of the day in Avon.  As the crow flies, these spots are only about 5 miles apart…  Without iWindsurf’s meters, I would have never guessed that […]

The Sylt of The Americas: Side-on in Frisco

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.  For my international readers: Thanksgiving is all about sharing and being thankful for what you have, and has roots in the US’s adolescent history when the first European settlers were getting their feet underneath them.  Basically, everyone just gets together with family and friends, watches some football, drinks some beer, and eats […]

Holiday Reading

Well, I think I know where all the sand from S-Turns ended up- It’s all at the Lighthouse!  That sandbar is working insanely well right now!  We’ve been getting hooked up with North to NE winds for the last few days in the 20-30 mph range.  The waves have been really fun, too, ranging from […]


First item: Route 12 is open to ALL traffic! 2wd cars, tractor trailers, everything.  NC DOT built a temporary surface on top of one lane of the existing highway. You may have to wait a few minutes until oncoming traffic clears, but that’s a heck of a lot faster than taking the Stumpy Point to […]

RT 12 is open, and the waves are firing!

It’s no secret, Ida caused her fair share of destruction across the Eastern Seaboard, including taking a good chunk out of NC12 up in Rodanthe.  NCDOT is working furiously to repair the road, and they even had a lane open at low tide today to let 4wd vehicles on or off the island.  There’s lots […]

Ida Action (2 Videos)