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Just a quick head’s up- the shop is getting full to the brim with goodies for y’all to check out on your next Hatteras vacation!  I received a whole bunch of stuff from Sailworks, Chinook, MFC Fins, Gath Helmets, DVDs like Four Dimensions and Guy Cribb’s Intuition, etc etc….  We are ready to rock and […]

Stocked up!

Hi-  I’ve been slacking on the vids lately.  So, first things first, here is a short helmet cam clip from Thursday’s freestyle sesh: Freestyle Windsurfing, POV from Andy McKinney on Vimeo. Visualizing is pretty important if you’re trying to progress in windsurfing, so I guess the helmet cam is pretty good for that.  But in […]

A short helmet cam video, and (Road) Surfing

Winter in Hatteras can just be so unbelievable!  Feast or famine…  After a total letdown for wind over the weekend, Momma Nature made up for it with two incredible back to back swells, warm(er) temps, and sunshine!  Monday saw a bombing south swell hitting the Frisco and Hatteras beaches, with perfect, light offshore winds.  Man, […]

2 Different Days, 2 Different Swells

…… FISH!!!!  Black Fin Tuna, Puppy Drum, Stripers… We have been eating like Kings lately!  Stuart lucked out with a place on a boat the other day, and took a trip to the Gulf Stream.  He sent me a bunch of cool pictures- Check ’em out: It gets all foggy out at the Gulf Stream […]

No Wind, Teeny Tiny Waves, BUT LOTS OF…..

Luckily, all of that ice was short lived!  Stuart and I grabbed a freestyle sesh in the Slick yesterday afternoon, in some of my favorite conditions ever- barely powered in the gusts on a 4.7.  All of the freestyle stuff just seems so easy in those conditions.  The sail is light and easy to throw […]

Thawed out…

Dan and I grabbed a quickie sesh yesterday afternoon- Lit up 4.2 conditions and cold cold cold!  Turns out, it was just in the nick of time, as the sound has frozen over last night… That’s something you don’t see everyday- Yikes!  Luckily, we’ve got two things working in our favor: 1) The sound follows […]

Medium Rare

…since I’ve had a boom in my hands…  The only reason I decided to count is because one of my calluses just fell off.  Hmm, time to suit up and deal with the cold, I guess!  Perhaps Frisco is the place to be: If you take a look at this map of Sea Surface Temperatures […]

Eighteen Days…

Due West winds are the preferred direction for sailing the Buxton Slick.  Today, we had plenty!  Stuart and I sailed our 3.7s completely maxed out.  With that much wind, the Slick was no longer a slick.  In fact, there was so much extra water piled up (due to the strong winds) that only about 30% […]

The Venus Flytrap

Repetition is key…  Stuart and I hit the Slick for the last 2 days, both days on 4.7.  The wind direction stayed basically the same for both days, too, so we had a chance to really dial in a “course” of ridiculously flat water.  And now, we’ve both got Grubby’s pretty confidently in the bag!  […]


This video is long, but I think you’ll like it.  Gather up your friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, and pets.  Pour everyone some eggnog (but leave the rum out of Junior’s).  Load the video, and turn up the volume.  If you aren’t enjoying the action, then close your eyes and absorb Tchaikovsky’s soundtrack.  Enjoy! Super Windy […]

Super Windy Wednesday Video